Hello Sydney !

After another 9 hour flight full of screaming children, Katie legit nearly lost her shit and no amount of sleeping pills or blindfolds could block the little bastards out …. I was very happy to finally arrive in Sydney ! Bags grabbed, the visa wasn’t even checked I strolled on out to meet Mags and John my best friend’s parents who were kind enough to come and get me. Sydney in October was a nice change from the humidity of Hong Kong and to be honest it was love at first sight. Driving out across that harbour bridge towards the Collaroy Plateau I looked through the back window of the Yaris (Sheila as she later became) and was blown away by the magnitude of what I did (this could have been induced by the sleep depravation …. We will never know), but that view will stay with me forever.


Anyway off I went to the suburbs for a 5 day ‘break’ before I started my new job. In a way I wish I hadn’t. Getting to move back in with my America bestie and travel buddy made we way less keen to start all over again on my own. It was such a relaxing few days checking out Manly Beach, Long Reef and of course the Irish must see Palm Beach home of home and away ….. yes I am that much of a stereotype. We will discuss these beautiful places and the nightlife in later posts but first impressions wise everything was fucking expensive ! Food / Alcohol and nights out will quickly eat into your money and the rent prices in Sydney itself are absolutely outrageous.


For the above reasons I would recommend having your CV/ Resume ready to go or like me have already sorted yourself a job. In my case I already had a life time of experience working with horses (not racehorses) but horses. Equestrian jobs usually have crazy hours and it is more of a lifestyle than a career so accommodation is usually included even if it is hideous it is better than paying the mad rent prices associated with Suburbs like Randwick and Kenisington which are extremely popular due to their close proximity to the city centre (10mins on the bus).  Therefore I decided to drop Gai Waterhouse an email and things went from there.


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