Hong Kong

Hong Kong what can I even say here ! After leaving Baltic rainy conditions in Ireland I walked through Hong Kong Airport doors and was floored by the stifling humidity. I Thank God everyone appeared to be able to speak English and I had no trouble grabbing a taxi to my hotel that I booked the night before on booking.com (it was a total baarrgaaainnnnn). Although the people I encountered could not have been nicer I did feel a cold detached undertone to the people and their surroundings. As you drive in to the ‘city’ suburbs the skyscrapers rise up out of their jungle surrounding like something out of the walking dead these buildings and infrastructure look as if they are in constant competition to keep the wild at bay. Being a closet hippie and country girl I have to say I think 99% of the buildings I observed were bloody hideous and completely clashed with their beautiful surroundings, this coupled with the smell and the smog did absolutely nothing to endear this grotesquely majestic city to me. I think everyone should at some point experience the blatant abuse of natural resources for the sake of greed and gain that occurs in Asia. I am really hoping that my travels later on will change my view on this aspect of the continent and to be quite honest I hope I am very wrong … because if not I feel like this planet is in serious trouble.





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